If you want some real guitar tracks on your production, just drop me a message  contact

Over the past years I played on many productions with lots of different sounds and styles.
Due to copyright laws I dont dare to release audio samples from finished productions on my website.

Its in my plan  to create some audio lets see when this can be done.

For now I will just put some „rough“ examples.
The files are taken from Demo Tracks, its no final mixes!

Spanish Mood

 Spanish guitar - all instruments vanielik


Instrumental project - by vanielik

Southern Flair

Djembe, Dobro and Martin D18, Sound Demo for
Acon Verberate2. „dry“ versions on Soundcloud

Athmo Guit Demo

Acoustic and Mandolin-guitar plus Gretsch Delay Athmo
Guitars for a Singer from Austria– removed the playback due to copyrights

Blues for one

Acoustic Blues for a TV Project

The long Road_Demo

Instrumental project - by vanielik

Crunchy theme

Some crunch chords - testing dynamic speaker IRs