If you want some real guitar tracks on your production, just drop me a message (

Over the past years I played on more than 10.000 Songs with lots of different sounds and styles. Some of them even reached Gold and Platin sales.
But due to copyright laws I dont want to release audio samples from those productions on my website.

Its in my plan  to create some audio samples – if I find the time :)

For now I will just put some „rough“ examples.
The files are taken from Demo Tracks, its no final mixes!

Irish Acoustic – all instruments by vanielik
Spanish guitar – all instruments by vanielik
X-mas Acoustic
A Sound Demo I did for Acon Verberate2
„dry“ version you find on Soundcloud
Djembe Dobro and a Martin D18
A Sound Demo for Acon Verberate2
„dry“ version you find on Soundcloud
Country Rock Guitars for Claudia Stern
Drums/Bass by Wolfgang Pentinghaus
produced/recorded and mixed for a youtube video from Jördis Tielsch